Family Dentistry: Why You Should Visit Your Family Dentist Regularly

Family Dentistry: Why You Should Visit Your Family Dentist Regularly

Selecting the right family dentistry can be an intimidating choice for any patient. However, this choice is not only important for you, but for your whole family. Finding a family dentist you can trust allows you to count on the best ally in emergencies and throughout each step of your child’s development. 

In turn, regularly visiting your family dentist can help you prevent oral issues and start building correct oral health habits. Godley Station Dental is proud to have so many 5-star customer reviews and to be one of the best family dentistry clinics in Pooler, GA. Find out why below or book your appointment today.  

Start Building Good Oral Health Habits Early

Most people understand the importance of preventive dentistry to control issues like cavities, tooth decay, and gum infections. It is especially important for our little ones to grow healthy and strong. A CDC report also shows that oral health can have severe consequences on many other aspects of our children’s lives. 

Aside from the long-term consequences, children with oral health problems tend to miss more days at school. This can affects their grades. However, many of these dental issues can be simply prevented through a proper oral health routine. Both you and your little ones can learn all about the right oral health routine for a healthy smile.

Prevent Issues Like Cavities and Gum Diseases

Studies have shown that just under half of children between the ages of 2 and 11 have experienced cavities and other oral health issues, including gum disease. While these may seem simple issues, they carry long-lasting consequences that can affect their long-term health. 

These issues can lead to problems with eating, speaking, and playing. Suffering from tooth decay and infections at an early age means that they will always be prone to these conditions.

Promote Proper Dental Growth

Every stage of your child’s physical and mental development is equally important, including their dental growth. Many essential functions, such as speaking and eating, derive from a proper dental structure. 

Additionally, their smile will significantly influence their self-esteem, confidence, and personal relationships. Promoting their dental growth and checking with your family dentist at each stage allows you to identify issues in advance and correct them.

Detect Dental Issues Early

During your regular visits, your family dentist will check your children’s teeth for cosmetics. They will also carry out more in-depth examinations such as X-rays. These analyses allow them to discover underlying issues before these manifest themselves and require lengthier, costlier, and more uncomfortable interventions.

Work Toward a Proper Bite

Some underestimate a proper, normal, or healthy bite, but it can make a difference in your children’s lifestyle. Malocclusion (or improper bite) can lead to several issues, including problems with biting, speaking, and breathing. It can also cause physical abnormalities and add unnecessary strain to the muscles of the face and jaw.

Oppositely, a proper bite can improve digestion, speech, and chewing. It can also maintain a symmetrical smile. A straighter smile makes it easier to clean and reduce the danger of gum diseases and tooth decay. A proper bite is also essential to avoid painful conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ disorder).

Preserve Speech Capabilities

Speech capabilities are extremely important for children, especially when they learn to express themselves. However, your children’s mouth and dental structure can significantly affect these capabilities. 

Some oral structural issues that can affect speech capabilities include:

  • Tongue thrust
  • Tongue-tie
  • Malocclusions and open bite
  • Cleft Lip or Palate
  • Open mouth resting posture

Speaking to your family dentist is the first step to resolve most of these issues. They are likely to point you towards the right physician if some aspects of the issue are out of their field of expertise.

Check on Your Child’s Facial Bone Structure Growth

Dental and oral development not only influences the area of the mouth, but it can hinder or change a child’s jaw and face’s genetic potential. Indeed, a structural oral health issue can impact a child’s look and their traits’ alignment as they grow. 

By checking the proper development of a child’s facial bone structure, you can prevent TMJ, teeth misalignment, and airway underdevelopment. X-rays and other analyses help your family dentist monitor your child’s facial development over time. This helps them to identify any potential issue before it develops further.

Familiar Help in an Emergency

Whether you are raising your first child or growing your family bigger, you won’t be short of scares. Emergencies and incidents happen, especially as children start to play more energetically. However, in a dental emergency, being able to call a family dentist you can trust can make all the difference. 

An expert dentist can help you differentiate a real emergency from a minor issue and treat it quickly. Your family dentist’s familiarity with you helps them to resolve issues quicker. 

Building a Long-Lasting Relationship

You and your family dentist will work together to ensure your children’s proper development and health through each phase of their lives. 

Regular visits to the family dentist will strengthen your children’s health and build a relationship of trust with their dentist. But it will also help your dentist better serve their oral health all the way into adulthood. 

Godley Station Dental As Your Family Dentistry

Finding the right family dentistry is extremely important for every family. The right dentist can guide you through each phase of your child’s development while providing the right treatments and recommendations. 

A family dentist might also identify underlying causes and risks by knowing and treating the whole family. If you have just moved into the Pooler, GA area or you are looking to find a family dentistry, get in touch with Godley Station Dental or schedule an appointment today.


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