Preventive Dentistry

Although dentistry can treat a variety of oral health problems, truly the best way to keep your teeth healthy is prevention. Combining good at-home habits with regular dental check-ups is a winning strategy for maintaining a lifelong healthy smile.

Preventive Dentistry

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Keeping Your Smile Safe

When it comes to the oral health of you and your family, having dental problems treated right away is very important – but wouldn’t it be even better if we could help you stop those problems from happening in the first place? At Godley Station Dental, our team’s dedication to preventive care can make that goal a reality for patients of all ages. The doctors and hygienists at GSD provide in-depth check-ups, refreshing hygiene, and other services designed to protect natural teeth and help them last for years to come. 

We recommend that patients of all ages attend at least two wellness exams and cleanings a year. Even those who brush and floss diligently fall victim to dental problems that linger under the surface and out of sight – these visits allow our team to provide professional maintenance and locate even the smallest concerns before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

What we provide

Preventive  Care

Wellness Exam

Our doctors will perform a thorough dental wellness exam to examine for any decay, gum disease, debris, problem areas, or potential problem areas. We recommend an exam every 6 months to identify and prevent oral health issues.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Our hygienists will perform a comprehensive cleaning which removes potentially dangerous plaque and build up from your teeth and gums. They will use a variety of instruments to remove all plaque and buildup above and below your gum line. They will also discuss your home care routine as well. If you suffer from sensitivity - fluoride treatments are highly recommended.

iTero Scan

After completion of the wellness exam and comprehensive cleaning our hygienists will do a detailed iTero scan of your full mouth which will allow for you to see your mouth in a whole new 3d way and make treatment planning, discussions, and decisions that much easier.

Fluoride Treatment

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that all patients receive regular fluoride treatments, as such this has become a standard of care here at GSD. Fluoride is a natural mineral that builds strong teeth and prevents cavities. It supports healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria that harm teeth and gums.

Oral cancer Screening

An Oral cancer screening is an examination performed by our hygienists to look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. The goal of an oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early - when there is a greater chance for treatment. Our team utilizes goccles and harmless blue light technology to detect these early signs of cancer.


X-Rays are useful for viewing jawbones and various tooth structures. They can find and image cavities, bone or gum loss, periodontal disease, benign or malignant tumors, and other normal or abnormal structures within the lower portion of the head. In children and adolescents, they are also useful for finding un-erupted permanent teeth and imaging root structures. At Godley Station Dental we utilize digital X-ray technology for all patient X-rays as they provide a higher quality image for examination will producing 80% less radiation. Digital X-rays are also safer for the environment as no chemicals are required for their development. We also offer cone beam x-rays that produce 3D images.

Periodontal therapy

Periodontal therapy is a type of conservative or non-surgical treatment for gum disease. It consists of scaling, root planing, and in some cases medication.

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Sealants are a thin, plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth -- usually the back teeth (the premolars and molars) that have deep grooves -- to prevent tooth decay.

Night Guards

Majority of the population clinches or grinds their teeth at night leading wear, cracks, and abfractions (notch on the front side of tooth). Night guards are a fantastic way to combat this. Each appliance is custom fitted by our team to achieve maximum comfort and wearability. Night guards are a great way to protect against bruxism as well.

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The days of filling out forms in the waiting room are over. Simply fill out your forms online before your appointment, and you'll be good to go.

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1. Schedule Your Appointment

Use our online scheduler or give us a call at 912-748-8585 to schedule your first appointment.

2. Submit Your Online Forms

The days of filling out forms in the waiting room are over. Simply fill out your forms online before your appointment, and you'll be good to go.

3. Attend Your Appointment

Feel the Godley Station difference from start to finish. You'll leave with more confidence knowing you're on your way to a better smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preventive dentistry services may include:

  • Regular oral exams, every 6 months
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Routine X-rays
  • Fluoride
  • Oral Cancer Screening

Fillings are not considered preventive. They fall under “basic restorative” services, which often includes fillings, extractions, and root canals, among other things. For these services you may be required to pay toward a deductible, coinsurance, or a copay, depending on your dental plan.

Regular preventive dental exams provide the following benefits to your oral health:

  • Lowers your risk for developing tooth decay, gum disease, and more serious dental problems.
  • Helps promote good oral hygiene habits, such as brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing.
  • Early identification of dental problems may help minimize treatment and cost.
  • Enables your dentist to do a full exam of your mouth, jaw, neck, etc. to identify any related problems.
  • Helps reduce dental problems related to some chronic medical conditions. Diabetes, osteoporosis, certain cancers, and eating disorders can all have an effect on dental and oral health. For people with chronic conditions, regular preventive dental care is an important part of whole person health.

Preventive dental care is an important part of whole person health, so many dental plans cover it. When you’re choosing a dental plan, look for information related to coverage for diagnostic and preventive services. Make sure you understand the limits and frequencies for preventive care. For example:

  • Teeth cleanings: You may only be covered for 2 teeth cleanings a year—1 every 6 months.
  • Fluoride treatments: These are considered preventive only for children under a certain age. Yet it is recommended for all ages.
  • X-rays: Only certain kinds of X-rays—usually bitewing—are covered as routine or preventive and only for a limited number of views.

Depending on the type of dental plan you choose, preventive dentistry may be covered. Preventive dental services include oral exams, teeth cleanings, and routine X-rays. There are often limits on how many you can get each year. If you go over those limits, you may have to pay out-of-pocket, so it’s important you understand the details of your coverage.

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00:47 22 Sep 23
Susan PhillipsSusan Phillips
23:39 21 Sep 23
Such friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere. Each step was explained thoroughly and my comfort was important to them. I highly recommend Godley Station Dental group.
Margaret NormandyMargaret Normandy
22:38 21 Sep 23
I needed to be seen for two new, sensitive crowns. I was seen quickly and my issue was remedied. I always get great attention and service at GSD!
Luis G HigaredaLuis G Higareda
10:57 21 Sep 23
Donald ColsonDonald Colson
01:24 20 Sep 23
Godley Station Dental was able to get me in to repair my broken tooth same day and took great care of me.
Hip-Hop MelHip-Hop Mel
22:48 19 Sep 23
Taylor LoweryTaylor Lowery
23:35 18 Sep 23
James MyersJames Myers
11:41 18 Sep 23
Diane EverhartDiane Everhart
00:07 17 Sep 23
Thorough & so very nice. Hadn't been to the dentist in 3 years, but this was probably the best dentist appointment I've ever had.Thank you!
Rasheen YoumansRasheen Youmans
00:40 16 Sep 23
Ryan KelleyRyan Kelley
00:08 16 Sep 23
Amazing staff and excellent service! This will be my go to spot from now on!
Ka KosKa Kos
22:32 15 Sep 23
Great service! Always.
Nita TaylorNita Taylor
12:41 15 Sep 23
Excellent dental practice! The ambiance is wonderful and the staff is absolutely fantastic! I definitely recommend them. The entire experience was a 10/10!
Ignacio CampoIgnacio Campo
22:58 14 Sep 23
Bob CristofonoBob Cristofono
12:49 14 Sep 23
New patient and new resident to Pooler from MN. Needed new dentist, doctors, etc.. Reviews I read about Godley Station Dental got me to go and my experience supports the reviews I read. Yvette and Dr. Hatch were excellent. Put me at ease, explained everything in detail and provided me with options. The office staff was also very pleasant and accommodating. I would recommend Godley Station Dental if you're looking for a great experience.
Charles KalinoskyCharles Kalinosky
22:42 13 Sep 23
Amy is so courteous and professional. I am always relaxed during my cleaning session. Thanks Amy for your care.
Barbara AnobileBarbara Anobile
11:43 12 Sep 23
The staff is always efficient and politeDr Duffy is there when I need her. Thank you.
Ketticha PKetticha P
01:08 11 Sep 23
Been there about about 4 times since May month end and I'm still experiencing a lot of sensitivity
Bao DuongBao Duong
13:14 09 Sep 23
Ashley PattersonAshley Patterson
02:48 09 Sep 23
Dr. Hatch is an amazing dentist.
Danielle BlefferDanielle Bleffer
22:44 08 Sep 23
Doretta JanowskiDoretta Janowski
22:42 08 Sep 23
Doctor Migliozzi is fantastic! She is so kind and compassionate and I had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Godly Station Dental!
Joey MckenzieJoey Mckenzie
00:01 08 Sep 23
I’ve been looking for a dentist after not being for years I made a great choice choosing.The staff at this location are so amazing! They continued to inform me very much of all that was going on with my dental issues and helped me through it all. I’m so glad I chose Godley station Dental as my dentist. Thanks guys!
Rebecca JohnsonRebecca Johnson
22:54 06 Sep 23
Everyone was wonderful from the time I walked in until the time I left. Special thanks to Taylor, Cortney and Dr M!
Diana WareDiana Ware
09:09 06 Sep 23
Tiffany FetzerTiffany Fetzer
22:41 05 Sep 23
Very friendly, made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. Taylor was so the absolute sweetest and made sure I was comfortable the entire time.
Patty KneePatty Knee
00:49 31 Aug 23
First time I have been to a dentist office where I felt ‘pampered’. They offered me a blanket and the exam chair was extremely comfortable. My hygienist, Taylor, was very patient with me and explained everything she was doing. Loved my first visit! Now if I could only find an insurance plan that considers them in network.
Deborah HansonDeborah Hanson
22:37 30 Aug 23
Thorough examination and cleaning.
Janice MeuthJanice Meuth
01:00 30 Aug 23
Meredith BrinkworthMeredith Brinkworth
00:56 26 Aug 23
Ethel DreschEthel Dresch
17:43 25 Aug 23
I highly recommend Godly Station Dental for their services that they provide.
Desmond DanielsDesmond Daniels
00:51 25 Aug 23
Staff very professional and nice. Great new patient experience. All my questions was answered. Definitely would recommend Godley Station Dental to everyone.
Gary WeddelGary Weddel
22:31 21 Aug 23
Mark JonesMark Jones
00:22 20 Aug 23
Zoar Torres LopezZoar Torres Lopez
22:33 18 Aug 23
John WeigelJohn Weigel
13:05 17 Aug 23
Root canal , and crown, No pain after procedure! My temporary looks like a real tooth! Excellent job By Dr Duffy and her Assistant Lexi! Top notch tech!!!!!Worth Every Penny
11:53 17 Aug 23
Excellent dental care
Emily TerrellEmily Terrell
01:39 15 Aug 23
Terri JohnsonTerri Johnson
10:25 11 Aug 23
Philip HarrisPhilip Harris
01:13 11 Aug 23
Taren TorresTaren Torres
22:40 10 Aug 23
Dean WilliamsDean Williams
00:48 10 Aug 23
Very friendly staff, professional. Have open conversations. Explain everything about now situations and the hope for further services.
Nicole KlineNicole Kline
00:18 09 Aug 23
Always a pleasure to go Godley Station!! Everyone is so friendly and I love when I get to see all the beautiful smiles on everyone’s face!!! Amy always rocks it out with my hygiene appointment!!! Dr. Hatch, Dr. Duffy, Dr. Patel, Dr. Fetters and the whole team are the best!! I couldn’t ask for better!!
Charlton ConnettCharlton Connett
00:33 04 Aug 23
Godley Station Dental is fantastic. Appointment times have always been prompt, and everyone is very professional and friendly. I've never had a bad visit, and I can tell they really care about my health.
Tonya HyreTonya Hyre
13:55 26 Jul 23
I had a great new patient appointment! Everything pertaining to my appointment was explained to me in detail. The entire staff is very friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about the procedures and products they offer. The office is very clean and a great location as well. I will definitely recommend Godley Station Dental.
Laura WoodLaura Wood
11:41 13 Jul 23
I’ve been a patient here for many years and have always had positive experiences. When our dental insurance suddenly became out of network they are working with me until I am able to change insurance coverage to an in-network system. Very cordial. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
wayne joneswayne jones
18:08 22 Jun 23
From the soothing atmosphere, the journey began. Dr. Hatch was communicative in both listening and offering her professional advice. This practice has obviously done an outstanding job in selecting a cohesive staff as each member of the staff was well-versed and professional in their endeavors.On my first visit (Cleaning) I met Dr. Hatch after Anna had finished the cleaning procedures. Dr. Hatch explained the prospective plan of action and I was also given a cost analysis.On my follow-up visit I was afforded the same professional service and care and this time Taylor and Katie were wonderful in their professional attention and with their assistance to Dr. Hatch.I must also mention the assistance from the young lady in the Billing Department whose name I did not get. She, too, like the others I dealt with was friendly, courteous, efficient and helpful in every manner.
Emily ThompsonEmily Thompson
20:18 13 Jun 23
I had a wonderful experience from start to finish despite getting a good amount of dental work done at once(cleaning, crown and filling). ALL of the staff were extremely professional, kind and caring. They went above and beyond to make sure that I felt comfortable and at ease. You can tell all staff members want to make sure you have a pleasant experience. The way the staff interact with each other is awesome too. This was my first time here, and I am relieved to have found such a great dentist! Thank you Dr. Patel, Amy, Adrienne, and the rest of the staff for everything that you did!
Jen ParkerJen Parker
13:13 31 May 23
Godley Station is always pleasant. I have been a patient for a few years now, but my teen son became a new patient as of yesterday. Kids tend to be nervous at new offices, but they made him comfortable and were very kind to him. We both had thorough appointments! Tanya is a wonderful hygienist & we love Dr. Fetters!
Naya LillyNaya Lilly
22:55 01 May 23
My experience felt so luxurious! The office is so nice and the staff are comforting! Sarah was an amazing hygienist along with Dr. Fetters. They both provided the dental knowledge I needed and since I was a new patient I GOT A STARBUCKS GIFT CARD 🥹🤎 I love it here!
11:37 27 Apr 23
The staff at Godly Station Dental are friendly and very concerned about your needs. They are professional with friendly smiles. Oh! Did I mention the Lobby area? It will give you that spa and relaxing feeling with the scent of smell-good candles. It's very soothing while you wait to see your dentist. It's not like your typical dentist's office by far. I have yet to have any dental work done. I've only had a consultation. Once my extractions and Bridge work are completed. I'll let everyone know if all the ambiance is truly worth it. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon..Thanks, for reading,P.H.
Shantrice JohnsonShantrice Johnson
01:41 09 Mar 23
I have been going here for a few years and the staff has always been pleasant. I have actually recommended this place to multiple people. However I have had 2 instances I am not ok with. Back in October I had a crown and a filling done. About a week later I received a phone call saying they needed to charge me more because they ended up doing the crown and 3 fillings which I did not authorize. I was upset but I did let that go. During my appointment today I was charged over $200 for a routine cleaning and when I questioned it I was told my insurance in no longer in network since February of last year. How is that possible when they used my insurance for the crown in October. Not to mention I was never notified about my insurance not being in network nor did the receptionist say anything when I checked in. Oh but she did ask me if anything changed with my insurance. That would have been the right time to mention it. I find it to be a bit unacceptable. Needless to say I will never be going back to this place.
nathanael greenenathanael greene
23:38 14 Feb 23
I left your location completely satisfied. Miss Brittany was amazing!!! I informed her when I arrived that I was very scared to be seen. Not only did Brittany give me a sense of comfort but I felt more calm with her kindness and professionalism. I have not seen a dentist in years because of childhood fears. I am now scheduled to do a teeth cleaning in two weeks and can't wait to be seen by their Hygienists. Thank you!!!!
Bonnie RachaelBonnie Rachael
01:43 03 Feb 23
These are a great bunch of drs and specialists. Dentistry is no fun and my anxiety always peaks when going to have my teeth worked on.BUT! I love the folks here, they are knowledgeable and KIND, They understand my fears and their attitude is sensitive to that. If I have to spend my hard earned money ( after insurance cost) to care for my teeth it will be here at Godley station dental.It’s worth it to to leave feeling like I was actually genuinely cared about.LOVES This place!!
Erica GuerneErica Guerne
01:00 26 Jan 23
From the minute I walk into your office, I am treated very kindly. Welcomed with a warn smile and a calming atmosphere. I have had anxiety all my life about going to the dentist, and didn't go for years. Godley Station Dental made the work I've had done very easy. There is never a wait, and everyone is comforting. Katie took good care of me today just like all the others have done. She went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and cared for. Dr. Hatch is an amazing dentist. The work she has done on my teeth is perfect and amazing. She saved two of my teeth! I have been shown everything and it's been explained thoroughly. I can't remember the name of the person who does my cleanings, but she us also kind, thorough and amazing. Sorry I forgot her name but she deserves a mention. The estimates I have gotten in advance of my dental work is always accurate. No hidden fees. I am quite pleased with all the services they provide. Thank you Godley Station Dental, keep up the friendly and professional work!
Kelly FaulconerKelly Faulconer
01:13 11 Jan 23
My first visit here was exceptional. All the staff were super friendly, very thorough, and explained everything clearly. Getting X-rays wasn’t as uncomfortable as it has been in the past. My appointment was on time and ended when they said. Seems like an extremely efficient practice, which seemed to relieve my stress (I typically avoid the dentist).
Jennifer HernandezJennifer Hernandez
00:29 08 Nov 22
Dr. Fetters was very kind and handled my dental concerns very professionally. I definitely would recommend him.Sarah my dental assistant/hygienist was very comforting and professional. They truly are an amazing duo. The office in general was welcoming, clean, and professional. Overall I had an amazing experience! Thank you!!
Ashley DeloacheAshley Deloache
14:30 03 Nov 22
I've had so much dental work done here and every time they do a fantastic job. Every person there from the doctors to the assistants and office staff is great. No one likes to go to the dentist but when you have to, you know that it matters the place you go will give you excellent care. Text line is super convenient for questions and comments.
Shaderria NewberryShaderria Newberry
19:23 20 Sep 22
Entering the building I was greeted with a sense of comfort and loved the amazing set up, it smelled delightful and Cindy signed me in, she was very sweet. Then I was introduced to Erin which was my dental hygienist. She was incredibly comforting and made me feel like I was talking to a lifelong friend, she told me about my teeth in a tone I understood and was very vocal about what would be happening next. Then I was introduced to the VERY handsome Dr. Patel who confirmed everything Erin so generously informed me of before. I have to have my wisdoms removed and both Dr. Patel and Erin reassured me that I would be okay, which was very comforting. When it was time to get set up for my appointment I got the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Wendy, we went over all the appointments I had in the future and we even took a picture to capture the first of many appointments. I got to meet another amazing staff member, Brittany, which she was full of energy and I loved meeting her too. The energy here was amazing and I loved speaking with everyone I met. I would recommend my toothless grandmother to this dentist just so she would have the pleasure of getting the service I experienced today.
Rhea RhoadsRhea Rhoads
14:50 16 Sep 22
Hygienist Yvette, Dr. Fetters, and Ms. Wendy took amazing care of me during my 6 month cleaning! My toddler was with me and we somehow managed to fit everything into the visit. The office is beautiful and clean. Reception is extremely sweet and accommodating. I used to work in a dental clinic and these people are definitely doing it right. I cannot recommend them enough!
Craig ThomasCraig Thomas
14:59 15 Sep 22
Michelle was fantastic! She was sympathetic towards my discomfort during my procedure, and she anticipated my needs. She kept me informed as the appointments progressed, and I so appreciated her care. Thank you, Michelle!Dr. Hatch put me at ease with her friendly, understanding approach to dentistry! She made sure I was comfortable throughout my appointments, as well as if I felt great with the finished look from my dental treatment. Thank you, Dr. Hatch!Molly Thomas
celestina dunncelestina dunn
23:03 18 Aug 22
Erin was wonderful with my daughter, she gave us so much information that made me feel very comfortable with the way forward for her care. Cindy at the front desk is so helpful! She gave my daughter a warm blanket to snuggle in while we waited! Wonderful service!
Brittany DeLoachBrittany DeLoach
23:50 09 Aug 22
I had a fantastic experience today as a new patient! Yvette was absolutely phenomenal and was so welcoming! She made sure I understood every aspect of the first visit and even took the time to get to know me on a personal level. Dr. Duffy was amazing as well! She was very thorough and talked me through the plan for my concerns. I was very impressed at how well the office flowed and the overall feeling as a new patient!
Sharrona ReavesSharrona Reaves
22:41 09 Aug 22
I had an amazing experience at Godley Dental. My hygienist was Kassi and she was excellent! Dr. Fetters was personable and thorough. I would absolutely recommend this practice. Cheers to the entire office. 🥂Everyone was professional, friendly and thorough. What else can you ask for?
Brittney BBrittney B
00:44 15 Jul 22
Dr. Patel and Michelle are awesome! I love them as much I love Dr. Allen and Leah! They make coming to the dentist easy. Dr. Patel goes above and beyond for his patients and he truly cares about you. I wish that every doctor had such compassion. I am so grateful to him. If you want to have an amazing dental experience and be treated right then go see the folks at Godley Station. I would highly recommend them! I would give them 10 stars if I could.
Julia Isobel LeeJulia Isobel Lee
11:56 09 Jul 22
Dental offices make me anxious in general. I came in as a new patient at Godley Station Dental yesterday. I’m happy to say that I had a great first impression. From the clean and well decorated lobby to their knowledgeable and warm staff. Yvette was my hygienist. She took such good care of me, answered all my questions, ensured I was comfortable the entire time. I got a sense that they have a healthy work culture as they were very complimentary and respectful of each other’s skills and backgrounds. Thank you for the wonderful service y’all provide.
Tiffany VerenakisTiffany Verenakis
18:26 06 Jul 22
Best place in town! I even take my 9 year old here and they are amazing! Dr. Fetters, Dr. Patel, Katie and Wendy all are amazing. They made sure my child could ask as many questions to make him feel comfortable. As soon as you walk through the door, everyone is so nice and welcoming.
Natalie DiGennaroNatalie DiGennaro
18:47 30 Jun 22
The team at Godley Station Dental is amazing! I met with Kristina, Dr. Patel and Wendy today and they made my visit very easy. I don’t love going to the dentist but they make me feel like family and at ease any time that I come in. They explain everything clearly and such a streamlined process. Highly recommend!
Savannah RileySavannah Riley
22:38 17 Jun 22
Today was my first visit and I couldn’t have had a better experience. The atomosphere is beautiful and welcoming, the staff are all very sweet and greet you with a smile as soon as you walk in. I had Courtney as my hygienist and by the end of my appointment I was ready to move my schedule around just so I can see her again next time! She made me forget I was even at the dentist with great conversation and laughs. She is very personable and I you can tell she enjoys what she does! Super pleased with my choice to come to Godley Station Dental.
Daniel WashingtonDaniel Washington
13:58 16 Jun 22
Godley Station Dental is by far the best dental office I have been with. Their services are impeccable. Very thorough with their information. The staff is very friendly. My dental hygienist, Sarah, was awesome! Professional, personable, knowledgeable, and kind. I highly recommend this office!
Anthony CarbonariAnthony Carbonari
19:52 08 Jun 22
For someone who despises dentists, struggles with follow up appointments, extreme dental anxiety, and overall uncomfortable going to a dentist I could not have been more pleased with my visit. I was treated with kindness and respect from beginning to end. Check in was easy and smooth with great customer service. I met with Wendy to do financial things first. She was awesome and went the extra mile trying to figure out my insurance. She then had me meet with Kristina the Hygienist who was fantastic with me. She provided step by step instructions on what is happening and will be taking place during this visit. She educated me on several items noticed in the X-rays before the Dr. came to the room to discuss a treatment plan. Kristina also made me feel welcome, comfortable, reduced my anxiety, and did not make me feel embarrassed about my current situation. Dr. Fetters came in to start his consultation process. Before even opening my mouth for him to look he explained what he was going to do, listened to all of my concerns, answered all my questions, and then put a treatment plan in place. While doing all of this he also did not make me feel embarrassed about my current situation. He also provided a wealth of education on what my future will be and how he is very confident that I will be feeling great about my teeth along with bringing my smile back. I will be recommending them to anyone who needs a dentist. THANK YOU!!! (Yes I am looking forward to the long process of getting back to normal)
Hilary GirardHilary Girard
22:44 01 Jun 22
I absolutely loved coming here! Atmosphere is so calming and clean. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Dr. Hatch and Amy went above and beyond to explain everything to me. I couldn’t have chose a better place.
Alison AAlison A
00:53 26 May 22
This morning, I had my first visit with Godley Station Dental. From reception, to my exam and the checkout process, everyone was so kind, helpful and answered any questions and concerns I had. Courtney, my hygienist was so personable and made me feel right at home! She was very detailed and helped me address any dental concerns I had. A big thank you to Wendy as well, who helped with all of my silly insurance questions and setting up a treatment plan. I'm looking forward to my future visits at Godley Station Dental with Dr. Fetters and team. Would highly recommend!
Kathryn FrieseKathryn Friese
22:52 24 May 22
I was pleasantly impressed with the beginning to the end. The customer service including from my first phone call with Michelle to Wendi for admission at the time of the appointment (which was on schedule). Then I saw the X-ray technician Sylvia or Sophia and then Dr. Fetters. Everyone was so professional and attentive. Dr. Fetters actually sat down and took the time to answer all of my questions and actually explained everything. I felt heard and listened to. I did not feel rushed on shuffled like a number. They were helpful to my needs and made me feel relaxed. I’m thankful I chose Godley Dental Station. They set the bar pretty high! Ursula received my payment and took care of my paperwork in a timely fashion. I will recommend this great place to family and friends. Five stars!
Tanja ThaxterTanja Thaxter
22:51 11 May 22
Whoever runs this place is a genius. They have all the latest tech, the people (especially my hygienist Yvette) are all fantastic and I no longer can say I hate the dentist. I had my cleaning and impromptu filling with no hassle and no discomfort. A friend told me they were more expensive than some chain place but worth it imo. I brought my 11 yo because it was more convenient than having different dentists and she also had a great experience. That's saying a lot as she's a very anxious child 😂
Martin AtkinMartin Atkin
01:56 11 May 22
This was my first visit and It was better than the reviews. I would recommend them to anyone!! Such a great experience and Sarah who dealt with me was outstanding and so knowledgeable. She made the visit easy.I actually booked my wife and kids to see her!!Thank you
Brandon FrancisBrandon Francis
22:38 10 May 22
First thing: Alll of the staff, and I mean all of them, was extremely nice, and very informative! They make sure you understand what you’re looking at, and what they’re doing at all times. Absolutely zero complaints. Highly recommend!
Heather FergusonHeather Ferguson
23:48 27 Apr 22
Godley Station Dental is so lovely! It was my first visit there today and from the moment I walked in and was greeted by name by a smiling face and then called quickly by my hygienist, the whole experience was great! They are so thorough and clean and pleasant! The whole staff was amazing! They gave professional suggestions for my dental health and did an awesome job on my cleaning:) Definitely will stay going here indefinitely!!:)
Robert turnbullRobert turnbull
20:52 25 Apr 22
I don't know anyone that enjoys going to the dentist. I had a dental emergency and Godley Station got me in the same day I called. Anna is a pro and did a thorough exam. She explained everything that was going on with my teeth before Dr Allen came in to verify her findings. I am someone that has had less than stellar dental care in the past and have avoided going back because of poor treatment from prior dental"professionals". With that said I will definitely recommend them and be back for the follow up treatment. Thanks Anna and Dr Allen.
leslie phillipsleslie phillips
02:19 22 Apr 22
KassiGrace and Dr.Allen were both very professional and warming! They made the experience smooth and comfortable! They were very thorough in explaining everything and making sure that you feel apart of the process. Also, Michelle that works in the office is awesome! She was so nice and helpful in my new patient process!
Lynnice LottLynnice Lott
22:43 21 Apr 22
Ms Yvette was v thorough and I liked that! Everything she did, she explained the process making my experience relaxed and informed. She was gently and caring. Your next visit, ask for Yvette!
Alexis WeberAlexis Weber
22:47 31 Mar 22
I am so glad I switched over to Godley Station Dental! I had the best experience with Erin, my hygienist! She was so thorough, gentle, and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend this office and ask for Erin! She is the absolute best!
Tanya RobertsTanya Roberts
23:27 30 Mar 22
The customer service and attention to detail was amazing! Staff is polite, helpful and genuinely interested in making each visit your best. I would highly recommend.🤩
Sherry GlassSherry Glass
18:45 30 Mar 22
What an inviting office with such sweet and personable caregivers! My new patient appointment went so well I feel I’ve chosen the best local dentist office for my ongoing care. Yvette was such a pleasure as my hygienist. She was professional and reassuring along with being so pleasant. I appreciate the staff and Dr Hatch as my new dentist office.
Always wonderful even if I needed a crown to go with my princess attitude! It hurts, it costs but I'm worth it and they make it so better! Comfortable in a non comfort way.
David NormanDavid Norman
00:18 25 Feb 22
We recently moved here from Houston so it’s been a challenge choosing a dentist since we are not from this area. I chose Godley Station Dental from a recommendation and I am glad I did. Sarah was amazing! She took the time to explain everything in such detail and truly cares about her patients. Highly recommend Godley Station Dental!
Demetria DavisDemetria Davis
03:26 22 Feb 22
I had a great experience today at Godley Station Dental. My hygienist, Erin, took her time to thoroughly explain everything to me. I also work in the dental field and she never just assumed I knew everything. She was very gentle when taking X-rays and cleaning my teeth. With there being an innumerable amount of dental offices in pooler, I am glad I chose to go with this practice.
Kim PouliotKim Pouliot
23:51 16 Feb 22
Godley Station Dental got me in immediately after breaking one of my crowns on a fireball (candy). I don’t know what I would do without them. Everyone is always so nice and they greet me by name from Cindy in the front office, to Gina and others in the back. Also, their technology is so advanced, it’s mind blowing! Thank you everyone! ♥️
Ebony JonesEbony Jones
23:46 28 Jan 22
I came in for a New Patient appointment and Yvette was my hygienist. She did such an amazing job with my cleaning and I left without my gums being sore. She has such a bubbly personality so it really made me feel right at home. Even Dr. Hatch was super nice. Highly recommend!!
Rain YoungRain Young
14:10 12 Jan 22
The entire atmosphere of this practice is phenomenal. Adrianna and Dr. Duffy are the best duo. Very friendly and enthused attitudes anytime I come visit! Also no one likes having dental work done but these two do an outstanding job making sure the patient is comfortable.