Godley Station Dental

Our Story

Starting with an office administrator and two hygienists – Dr. Matthew Allen began Godley Station dental in the early 2000s after recognizing that the current dental office experience was prime for change with a more modern and patient centric focus. Since then, Godley Station Dental has evolved and grown in to an area leading practice housing a team of 5 doctors, 12 hygienists, and 11 assistants. This has allowed the number of patients to grow while keeping the individualized patient centric focus to never waiver.

Built on the core belief that if you provide an amazing experience, people will continue to return. Godley Station has worked relentlessly to create an amazing family environment for its vast team members which continues to power a very enthusiastic and supportive patient experience. To learn more of what the Godley Station Dental team believes – read our core values below. 

Our Mission

To change lives by providing the premier dental care and an exceptional patient experience to our patients.

Client Testimonials

"I’ve been going to Godley Station Dental for almost a year, and I couldn’t be happier with the care they give! I had a dental emergency in 2023, and they were able to get me in the next day!! Now, I use them for my cleanings and regular dental needs. I drive an hour one way just to have the great experience their staff members provide!! The office is immaculate, updated, fashionable, and welcoming. The lobby is blissful! The receptionist always greets you with a warm smile and happy affect. Kristina did an amazing job last week! Congratulations on your anniversary, too!"
Crystal Logue
"Godley station dental is the first Dental office I’ve been to in a decade that I really like. They are professional, have a great community of Dr’s and Staff and work well with patients with treatment plans and transparency of costs etc. Unlike other techs, my cleanings are actually quite pain free and swift. I have very sensitive gums and usually hurt after my X-rays and cleanings. I’m very pleased with the services and they do great work with crowns and more. They listened to me when I told them my body processes the numbing shots quickly and made sure I was numb and consistently asked if I was comfortable during the major dental work. Dr. Migliozzi and her team are amazing. I Highly recommend them for Dental care!"
Jenn Morgan
"I've been a patient of Godley Station for a few years now and I think a 5-star review is long over due. The staff's professional and the office has a nice and calm environment. Katie is the warmest dental assistant I have ever had, and very gentle with my sensitive back teeth. And, ultimately, I can't fully express how thankful I am that she was so circumspect in examining my new crowns from the lab and noticing a small but potentially troublesome imperfection that needed addressing. Can't recommend Katie and Godley highly enough."
Travis MacMillan

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